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      Hi. We are LifestyleGarden.

      Who makes my furniture?

      We believe in enjoying the finer things in life: family, friends, food, comfort and whatever else you can think of. What better setting for this than the perfect outdoor space? We aim to deliver outstanding, beautiful pieces of furniture, combining international design and production with ethically sourced materials - ensuring sustainable outdoor living is possible for any taste and style.

      With 100% own production and full control of the supply chain, we are able to create high quality products that are ethically and environmentally responsible; because without the earth there would be nowhere for us to enjoy all the fine things. We care and make every effort so you can enjoy sustainable outdoor living.

      We care now, to make the the world
      a better place to life in the future

      Own production and facilities

      LifestyleGarden® is a brand of ScanCom International A/S – a leading innovator in the outdoor furniture industry. Founded in 1995, we have our legal headquarters located in Denmark along with several advanced-technology-equipped production sites in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam, alongside commercial offices in United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, Spain and Vietnam.

      Constant investment in manufacturing and production facilities is extremely important for us to maintain high levels of quality, safety and efficiency. Additionally, having full control of the production process ensures that we are able to guarantee that all our LifestyleGarden® standards for quality, sustainability and safety are met 100%. This commitment has made LifestyleGarden® outdoor furniture the innovative, premium and environmentally friendly choice for our customers.

      Our designers

      At LifestyleGarden®, we have a team of dedicated designers that constantly try to envision and design the very best sustainable outdoor living experiences for you.

      From the concept to the final product, our brilliant team create pieces of furniture that reflects passion for design, sustainable materials and innovation. Meet the people behind our beautiful pieces.


      We are always open to new partnership opportunities. If you wish to contact us for a business matter or to discover our business in a more thorough manner, please do not hesitate to continue onwards.

      For the contract sector, we have a proven record of success on projects around the world with items that are reliable, heavy duty and resistant to extremes. We can help you create your dreamed space in your hotel or restaurant, from the concept to the final set up, supporting in every step of the process.

      Doing Business The Right Way

      Doing Business The Right Way is a cornerstone of our business vision; we believe that it is the only way of operating – and the approach can be seen in everything we do, from the sourcing and processing of raw materials, through production and design stages until the final product is delivered to your door.

      We respect human and labour rights, and work actively with developing and maintaining environmental awareness of our employees through regular training and educational programmes.

      We protect the environment by minimizing waste, CO2 emissions and consumption of resources and energy, controlling restricted substances in all materials used and responsibly sourcing FSC-certified wood in Brazil and Indonesia.