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      teak material

      TEAK FSC

      Teak is one of the most sought after wood species in the world, renowned for its strength, durability and beautiful appearance.

      Teak ages beautifully with the original golden-brown colour gradually becoming replaced by a silver-grey patina if left untreated, which gives a classic, rustic appearance. This generally begins to happen after 4-5 months without treatment. If left untreated for 2 years, the silver-grey patina will change to a dark grey or green colour.

      We only use FSC-certified teak, grown in responsibly managed plantations or sourced and recycled from components and structures.


      The eucalyptus wood used for manufacturing this product can be traced all the way back to its origin. All of the wood is exclusively grown on FSC™ certified regenerated plantations. This means you can trace the furniture all the way to the place where the tree once grew, and know it came from a responsibly managed forest.

      Our hardwood products use Duragrain®, our industry-leading, dual-layer coating for wood. Duragrain® technology provides protection for the hardwood while also allowing the natural grain of the wood to be appreciated through the unique coloured finish.

      hardwood material

      duresin plastic material


      Our unique form of polypropylene and polypropylene with fibre glass that is mould-injected in order to create hard-wearing, recyclable and maintenance-free products.

      Once injected into the mould and formed, polypropylene and composite polypropylene are extremely durable, creating long-lasting furniture with UV resistance.

      Each piece of Duresin® can be recycled without producing waste or damaging the environment.


      LifestyleGarden® uses aluminium that is commonly used for boatbuilding and water-sensitive shore applications - the best choice for products used outdoors. Aluminium offers stability and robustness while also being lightweight and easy to move, making it ideal for outdoor furniture.

      LifestyleGarden® aluminium products are coated with Duracoat®, polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating for effective protection from the weather, an ideal covering for our aluminium that is highly protective, low maintenance and retains its colour year after year.

      aluminium duracoat material

      fabric cushions material


      LifestyleGarden®'s fabrics use polyester for their cushions. Used for its high-quality performance and appearance which is a result of the woven structures that resemble a linen fabric.

      They are extremely durable, easy to maintain and they stand out by having an excellent color fastness.


      High quality sling for outdoor furniture. A select range of our outdoor furniture have been developed with Weather-Net®, a PVC coated yarn finely woven to create the perfect solution for outdoor seating.

      The PVC coated polyester yarn has high strength and elasticity, giving optimum comfort and durability to provide the perfect and low-maintenance option for outdoor furniture.

      weather-net material


      maintenance products