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      We care, to make the world a better place to live in the future

      Our commitment with the environment

      Since our first days of operation, our ultimate goal has always been to ‘close the circle’ through environmentally conscious manufacturing principles. We strive to provide the most innovative, excellent, and sustainable outdoor living solutions with a proven commitment to the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. This dedication to sustainable production and development continues to grow day by day.

      But what is the circular economy? For us it means focusing on the 5R’s – REFUSE the hazardous chemicals, REDUCE the consumption of energy & resources, REUSE redundant materials, RECYCLE raw materials and, last but not least, RETHINK eco-innovative production methods. Adhering to these sustainable principles has helped us reduce a significant amount of material waste and plastic waste in the environment. Our programes are designed to keep the oceans, the land and the air as clean as possible.

      We design products with this circularity in mind and our material choices drive innovation into the design process – they are made to have a positive impact on the planet and the people who use and enjoy them.

      Sustainable journey

      Everything we do at LifestyleGarden® is guided by a central principle: Sustainability. With full control of the production and the supply chain – ever mindful of closing the circle in our manufacturing processes – we are able to deliver high quality and functional products that are ethically and environmentally responsible.

      If the years of working with sustainability has taught us one thing, it is that we have a responsibility towards driving successes, pushing limits, being innovative and responsible. We care and make every effort so you can enjoy sustainable outdoor living.

      Honest materials

      All the materials we use to create our products come from well-managed and legal sources and are produced in safe manufacturing environments and with fair labor standards. We mainly produce our products with recycled and recyclable materials, and all the wood in our pieces are FSC-certified.

      We create eco-friendly designs that both look great and encourage a sustainable environment. With all the materials available, we are free to be creative with our designs and functions, get innovative and be adaptive to the needs of customers.

      For each material, we have come up with numerous approaches to source or create them in the “greenest” and harmless way possible. Nevertheless, alongside the opportunities granted are the tough-to-beat obstacles – such as creating the ideal environments to preserve each type of materials or ensuring all materials are of high-quality, ethically and sustainably sourced to our standards.